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Sibling Abuse Awareness UK is a not-for-profit organisation recognised as charitable by HMRC.

Support and Resources for Survivors of Sibling Sexual, Physical & Emotional Abuse.

'We know from experience how difficult it is for a victim to speak out, so when they do it is vital that we listen, believe and treat them with respect and humility'

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Helpline:  0800 288 4778

Between 4pm - 6pm BST every day

Please note, this is not a professional service, we are here to listen.



To boost awareness, minimise isolation, fight the stigma and encourage survivors to come forward.

What is Sibling Sexual abuse?


Sibling Sexual abuse is an exploitation of power over a less powerful sibling.  Sibling is a term that includes all children who grow up together in the same family albeit foster, adopted or step children. Sibling abuse is sexual contact between siblings who are of different age, strength, size and development stages.

Raising Awareness


SSA or Sibling sexual abuse is not widely or openly discussed, during my research I have noticed that in the UK there are not many articles or charities dedicated to ssa even though it is thought to be more prolific than people are aware of, hence carrying such great stigma.  This doesn't just end in childhood, it carries through into adult life and can cause the victim psychological health issues for many years to follow.

Real Life Stories


Please take the time to read our real life case studies.  Please feel free to share your story in the 'Talk' page or via the 'Contact Us' page.  Or email me your story if you would like to publish under the 'Real life Stories' page.  All information supplied will not be disclosed without your consent and will remain confidential unless otherwise stated.

News and Blog


Please visit this page for daily updates

Sibling Abuse Awareness UK - Long Term Goal


To raise awareness in schools, authorities and with the general public.

Fund Raising


Sibling Abuse Awareness UK would like to raise funds.  All funding will go towards:
Creating a smarter website with better functionalities.
To create flyers and posters.
To Advertise.
To install a helpline.
To create leaflets and infograms to be sent to schools and authorities.






"This work has been supported by funding from MK Community Foundation"

Sibling Abuse Awareness UK (formerly The Willow Project MK), Established November 2016.

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