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  • Lorraine T (Sunday, February 12 17 08:57 pm GMT)

    Wow! Just read your story! Whoever called you an inspiration is right! 🙌🏻 I wish you all the best in life and your venture

  • C T-M (Sunday, January 22 17 08:23 pm GMT)

    Wow. This deeply moved me. I have been talking about it all day with my fiance. I am impressed by your courage and that you refuse to remain silent.

  • T (Sunday, January 22 17 08:20 pm GMT)

    went through years of daily physical & emotional abuse from a sibling the effects have impacted every aspect of my life without these sites i'd still be thinking its what siblings did THEY DON'T, IT ISN'T NORMAL, IT EFFECT'S YOUR WHOLE LIFE, BECAUSE BULLY'S STEAL IT FROM YOU

  • Steph (Sunday, December 11 16 04:39 pm GMT)

    Thanks so much for being on FB, I have found your site very helpful as I too have suffered abuse from siblings. There is a lot of good information around, but nothing that is about sibling abuse. So its great to know that now you have this brilliant page on FB. I'm extremely greatful!

  • Anonymous (Saturday, December 10 16 07:35 pm GMT)

    Hi just wanted to say thanks so much for this website. It is so helpful. I am a survivor of incest, that has caused havoc all of my adult life. I'm 52 & have had therapy for two years which helped massively.
    I have read alot of articles, but your website is so helpful as most sites are not about sibling abuse. Thanks so much!!

  • J R Silverman (Saturday, December 10 16 07:03 pm GMT)

    Your website is an informative and supportive site. I appreciate that you have brought an issue that has damaged my life to light. Thank you

  • Anita (Friday, December 09 16 09:27 pm GMT)

    Thank you Zoe for going public with your story. It has inspired and encouraged me in so many ways. Abuse thrives when victims remain quiet. Just like domestic violence change starts when one brave soul steps forward. Society can't fix what it doesn't face. Dr. Martin L. King Jr. stepped forward for racial injustice and progress albeit slow is being made. Now, you are stepping forward against sibling abuse and while change may be slow, I pray it is made. Many Blessings to you, Anita.

  • Donna (Friday, December 09 16 07:35 pm GMT)

    I'm proud of you and what you are doing xox its very courageous

  • Harold (Friday, December 09 16 07:16 pm GMT)

    Zoe, As a survivor of being born 2 3/1 months premature, neglect, physical, emotional and sexual abuse through my entire childhood; I find your site enlightening and a place for survivors to receive encouragement. It very important that all of us survivors find hope, information and encouragement from other survivors. Keep up the great work.

    Harold Glen Hull
    CSM, USA (Retired)

  • Libby (Wednesday, December 07 16 11:11 pm GMT)

    Keep getting the message out there chick xxx

  • Anita (Wednesday, December 07 16 07:46 pm GMT)

    I've tossed and turned all night. I can't suffer in silence anymore.
    Today I rise to bring change to the future! I'm going to do something to fight Sibling Abuse!
    Details to come..... Zoe you are an inspiration!

  • Patricia (Wednesday, December 07 16 07:41 pm GMT)

    Your brother's suicide was his choice, not your fault at all. So sad to hear that your family blames you. They feel shame that they didn't protect you and rather than face it, they kicked you out of the family. The dysfunction continues. Don't let it keep you from healing. (((Hugs)))

  • Cathy (Friday, December 02 16 12:00 pm GMT)

    I went through this for many years. It's really good to see people wanting to give help and support.

  • Kay (Monday, November 28 16 01:33 pm GMT)

    Wow. Just read your story and sadly I'm not shocked. I have a friend who works in social services and this at one time would have been a rare and shocking case but with access to hard core porn and such like at such a young age it's becoming more common. That's why you need to stay brace and focussed for there is definitely a place for your charity and then maybe something good will come out of this. So sorry you didn't get the start in life you should have. Best wishes X

  • Maz (Sunday, November 27 16 07:49 pm GMT)

    Wow zoe...what a brave lady you are are really a true survivor and ty for sharing...wishing you lots of future success...i hope i win something big on the lottery i defo will send some money to help you get more info out...xx maz

  • Julie (Friday, November 25 16 03:02 pm GMT)

    Being a survivor too, though happy to say not sibling, I applaud you. Stay strong x

  • Caz (Friday, November 25 16 02:59 pm GMT)

    Your story is heartbreaking, well done for speaking out, it must all hurt so much x you really are an amazing person xx

  • Donna Brown (Thursday, November 24 16 08:29 pm GMT)

    My family disowned me and spread lies too. It didn't stop me, just made me more determined. Xo

  • Laura (Thursday, November 24 16 03:06 pm GMT)

    Zoe! My older brother raped me violently when was 12, he was 14. My family didn't believe a word I said about it. He is now 49, single, and miserable. I am an advocate for survivors. My website is So nice to meet you!!!

  • Donna (Thursday, November 24 16 11:39 am GMT)

    Dear Zoe, I'm also survived sexual assault but at the hands of my own father. I was 3.5 years old but I did not speak up until I was 35. I am now 43 and I have healed from most of the pain. I just wanted to say how proud of you I am for having the courage to speak up. You are not alone

  • Jo (Wednesday, November 23 16 11:45 pm GMT)

    Utterly sick and twisted but we are all here despite what we've endured and that is priceless to us all 💯💞 we didn't let the bastards get our lives they had our childhoods & I'm giving them nothing else , apart from to continue to be me despite their abuse & now I've been able to help others because of the very unique nature of the damage it makes us able to empathise with each other xx

  • Jo (Wednesday, November 23 16 11:26 pm GMT)

    It's heart breaking how we have been manipulated and made to feel not just that it's our fault but that it's only us it's happening to

  • Jo (Wednesday, November 23 16 11:01 pm GMT)

    I was sexually abused from age7 to 9 by my brother. I told my family when I was 25. They all remain in contact with him despite him admitting it. I'm the black sheep. Nobody other than my husband and family know. Having also been abused by 2 uncles, my sisters and I had the uncles prosecuted back in 1995. My sister told me, if you decide to prosecute our brother, I can't support you. Kinda just confirmed his threats that I would be the one to blame and I would be the one who gets sent away.

  • Lorraine (Wednesday, November 23 16 10:53 pm GMT)

    I know what that's like my family have blocked me from telling my story to the papers. Even though I got a conviction I get non stop threats and messages. Don't let them stop you doing this, need more people speaking out good luck with what your doing x

  • Sherralyn Caveny (Wednesday, November 23 16 10:42 pm GMT)

    i was also abused by my brother, i finally disclosed to police when i was 46 only to find that someone else had disclosed at the same time......his grandaughter. He was sentenced to 17yrs in september this year and died 10th november of lung cancer x

  • Valerie (Wednesday, November 23 16 10:37 pm GMT)

    Your very brave I did see your story in the local paper well done x

  • Valerie (Wednesday, November 23 16 10:20 pm GMT)

    You done will be the reason people come forward...well done - amazing

  • Jo (Wednesday, November 23 16 10:10 pm GMT)

    It's an ancient taboo that need smashing wide-open & how courageous & brave you must be, if we can ever support you we will hun, I understand totally xx

  • C Brown (Wednesday, November 23 16 08:16 pm GMT)

    Well done Zoe! Keep strong! Forge ahead with your campaign. I'm behind you 100% x

  • Amanda (Wednesday, November 23 16 01:08 pm GMT)

    Visited your site. Fantastic let's hope we can share awareness of this. Zoe, you should be very proud of yourself xx

  • Vickie (Wednesday, November 23 16 12:46 pm GMT)

    What a brave, courageous woman. Turning such a horrific ordeal into something so positive in order to help others.

  • David (Tuesday, November 22 16 08:16 pm GMT)

    So proud of what you are doing Zoe. So brave!

  • Alison (Tuesday, November 22 16 10:21 am GMT)

    Well done, this is so brave but also very important what you're doing

  • Gail (Tuesday, November 22 16 10:18 am GMT)

    Hi Zoe you don't know me but well done for doing this and I have been through exactly the same and we can both say that we are true survivors of sexual abuse and I would love to get involved with your project and meet you in person over a coffee so well done

  • Erin (Tuesday, November 22 16 10:14 am GMT)

    Congratulations for your bravery! Takes courage to do what you are doing, you are such a strong woman! Keep it up xxx

  • Janice (Tuesday, November 22 16 10:12 am GMT)

    So happy for you!!! The greatest part of healing is exposing these crimes and helping others. Zoe, you are doing an Outstanding job and we love you for it !!!

  • Abby (Monday, November 14 16 07:07 pm GMT)

    LOVE what you are doing on your site. Love your mission. So grateful for those who truly want to help others and make a difference.

  • Linda (Monday, November 14 16 05:03 pm GMT)

    I just want to say WELL DONE for all the work you are doing with the awareness campaign. Such a brave thing to do and a very kind thing to do to help others in your situation. I wish that there weren't others needing your help, but glad that you have started raising awareness so that they will be able to speak out. Well done x x x

  • Libby (Monday, November 14 16 01:44 pm GMT)

    Thank you to all of those people who have sent messages of support and just a little sign to say I'm here for you. But let's keep fighting to raise awareness of this type of abuse and show the world how strong we are together despite what we've all been through xxx

  • Anonymous (Monday, November 14 16 08:57 am GMT)

    Hi just seen ur post online just wanted to say how brave and well done for setting this up really hope it goes where u want it too I'm a survivor too but not from a sibling but from a cousin and thought a few times about how I would love to speak to children about my experience in the hope that it encourages them to speak out about any abuse good luck and hope it goes well for u X

  • B xxx (Friday, November 11 16 12:46 pm GMT)

    So brilliant. What you have started is just so inspirational and caring. I'm really proud of you and this achievement. B xxx

  • Donna (Wednesday, November 09 16 01:41 pm GMT)

    Wow. That is awesome and brave and very much needed here in Bradford too hun.
    So inspiring to see what you are creating from all of this. So so inspiring. 💜

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