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The Willow Project MK has been renamed to Sibling Abuse Awareness UK


Date: 30 June 2017





Currently live and initially running on a pilot scheme between 4pm - 6pm UK time.

Feb 10 2017


Pleased to announce :


"This work has been supported by funding from MK Community Foundation"


Jan 27 2017


Nina who is part of The Willow Project MK shares her story today in Bradford's Telegraph & Argus.


Well done Nina x


Click the link for the online version.

Jan 25 2017


Today I added a new page 'Educate your Children'.  This provides infograms, videos and information on how to discuss sexual abuse with young chidren.

Jan 15 2017


The Willow Project MK would like to raise funds.  All funding will go towards:
Creating a smarter website with better functionalities.
To create flyers and posters.
To Advertise.
To install a helpline.
To create leaflets and infograms to be sent to schools and authorities.


Jan 13 2017


The Willow Project MK has been confirmed by HMRC Charites application.


January 4 2017


The Willow Project MK has been invitited to speak and present at the NHS Safeguarding Conference later in the year..

December 30 2016


Very interesting documentary to watch - I gave birth to my brother's baby..   The only good part about this story is that she was believed and supported by her family.  It also depicts the reason why the victim didn't speak out during the abuse and profiles her abuser...

Vicky Jaggers from this documentary has also written this book and I am now in touch with her..


The book can be found on Amazon.

December 23 2016


The Willow Project MK would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New year.


Looking forward to the year with meetings with the NSPCC and the NHS..

December 11 2016


More amazing opportunities coming next week for the Willow Project MK....   Again, thank you to everybody coming forward with interest and personal stories xxx   


December 9 2016


Today I met with my local MP Mark Lancaster to discuss the possibility for a new legislation in this area.  Any further updates will be after I have met with the NSPCC next week.

December 1 2016


Brothers abuse brothers too...   Tomorrow I will be updating my 'Real Life Stories'... xx

November 30 2016


The Willow Project MK in The Luton News, my home town....

November 30 2016


Today I met with Sue, another survivor of sibling abuse.  She found The Willow Project through the MK Citizen.  We had a great chat, coffee and three hours flew by..  XX

November 29 2016


Another great day for The Willow Project MK and another big day tomorrow...  


Please visit this page daily for updates..


The Willow Project MK has now received almost 8,000 views across 33 countries...

November 25 2016


Unfortunately the meeting with the MP had to be rescheduled to Dec 9th.


We now have nationals interested in writing about this awareness campaign and the messages of support keep coming in.  Thank you all.


The Willow Project MK has now had over 5000 views in 30 different countries..

November 23 2016


Personal thought for tonight that other survivors will relate to....


'I used to hold it in so tight and be ashamed and disgusted with myself, now I am free from it.. It does not define me as a person anymore and it wasn't my fault'


Next two days will be busy with media and local MP


Watch this space x


November 23 2016


Last week I had the privilege to speak with Jasvinder Sanghera CBE, CEO who in 1993 established Karma Nirvana, a UK registered charity that supports victims and survivors of Forced Marriage and Honour Based Abuse.


Jasvinder gave me tips on how to take my project further and invited me to attend a workshop in the new year.


November 22 2016




The Willow Project MK Latest




Currently working to turn this awareness campaign into a Charity..   Over the weekend, I met with another survivor who contacted me through this webiste. We had a lovely chat and she also wishes to help out with this campain.  I can only hope that the contacts keep coming in.

November 21 2016


Week 3

The Willow Project MK has now attracted over 2700 views and three new survivors have made contact.  It's a busy week with a radio interview on Thursday and meeting the local MP on Fiday.

November 18 2016


Today I was contacted by BBC Three Counties Radio.  They have invited me to the studio to be interviewed live on air next Thursday 24th November 

November 16 20016


Michelle Cooke speaks to Anton Savage on Today FM


Listen below

Week 2

November 14 2016


Entering into week 3 with 1275 website views with comments and stories slowly coming in.  


Confirmed a meeting with my local MP next week.



Campaign Flyers

November 11 2016


Here are the flyers that I intend to post to school heads, social services and any other relevant parties.

Spreading the Word  

November 9 2016


The Willow Project will feature in the local newspaper next week and I have been invited to make an appointment with my local MP to discuss the awareness campaign.

Speaking Out

November 9 2016


As mentioned in the website, Michelle Cooke from Ireland has shared her personal story with The Sun newspaper to be published this Sunday. Further to this Michelle will also be speaking on her national radio station.

The Willen Project MK


November 6 2016


Only week one into my awareness campaign and my website has received 85 hits from Australia, Europe, USA, South America and The Philippines.  I have found and spoken to some survivors of sibling sexual abuse which has been helpful and inspiring.

A particular life story by Michelle Cooke who's experience is almost a mirror of my own and can be heard on the 'Real Life Stories' page.

Looking forward to next week.

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