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Hi my name is Timmy. For over 16 year I held a dark secert in at the age of 7 I was abused by my sister who was 13 at the time.

It happened over a few months and only happened twice, Been so young my self I didn't really know it was wrong what she was doing. One day her and her friend was talking about "boys" and I said oh you did that to me and I was given the line never say that again and they seemed to brush it off. 

At aged of 23  on the August Bank holiday 2012 I broke my silence and told my wife about what had happened when I was younger. She told me that I had to tell my mum and dad, The next day I finally told them. The reply I got shocked me my mum didn't want hear it and my dad's was oh so that's why you don't get on, i asked them to help me sort it out but he replied by sort it your self. 


It felt like they had turned their back on my, So I went to confront my abuser face to face. I didn't even manage to get out of my car before the shouting started by her   calling me sick for say the things I had. What happened next was a shock my dad called me and told me to get away from her or he would knock me out. The man who told me to sort it had taken her side. 

The following day I received a vists from 2 pc's who had told me she had complained I was harassing her that was a low blow, but he knew the reason he then asked if I wanted to make a formal complaint finally it felt like someone was listening to me. He took brief notes at that point my wife walked out of the room. He passed this on to the child safe guarding unit who then came to see me a few days later. One question she asked was how can you be sure of the year? My reply Deep blue something breakfast at Tiffany's she was shocked that something like this could mean so much to a 7 year old boy.


Next come the hardest part come a video interview that would be used in court if it got that far. 3 hours later I left after telling a stranger every detail of the room and abuse. The next few months seemed to take forever to pass. I finally received the phone call from the head of the child safe guarding unit they had contacted every and no one offered an interview that was hard to take and the cps couldn't build a case on my word against hers. She told me that it so much strength to do what I had done and that it was a surprise that no one offered her an interview. 


Now 5 years on i speak to none of my family and I have moved on so much and raised my own family. 

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